In-Home Dog Training

Training sessions with you and your pup.

Problem Solving
Starting at $95

A certified trainer can come to your home to assess problem behaviors and will customize a step-by-step solution guide for behavior modification with weekly exercises to get you back on the right track! Starting at $95.00 per hour for assessment, $90.00 for each additional lesson.  At the first meeting trainer and owner will discuss if additional sessions are necessary to meet the training goals.

Learning How to Live with People

This is a 4 week in-home course designed to help you and your new dog get off on the right foot! This class is ideal for puppies who are too young to start group classes. You and your new dog will get weekly homework, a problem solving booklet and advice on appropriate toys, leashes and harnesses best suited for your pal! Lessons include potty training, crate training, proper manners and some basic obedience cues.

In Home Basic Obedience
Starting at $375

This 6 week course is for people who need to have a more flexible training schedule. We will meet once a week as your schedule provides and work on new cues and training games. You will receive a problem solving booklet and weekly homework. Course includes basic obedience cues, working around distractions and if applicable, working in a distracting environment (at a park, on a walk through your neighborhood, etc.). Starting at $375.00; includes a follow up visit any time after the 6 week course is finished and 10% off a basic obedience class.

Day Training
Starting at $50

Too busy with work or life to get to a weekly class? Want your dog to stop jumping and pulling on the leash? Want Fido to learn a few new tricks? With this program, your dog will learn directly from the trainer two or more times during the week. Working directly with the trainer, the learning process will be sped up and your dog can learn more, faster! After training is complete, you will meet with the trainer to review all new behaviors and cues at a transition session. An initial consult is required to determine the best training program for you and your dog. Starting at $50.00 per 45 minute session, long term training discounts may be applicable.

Adventure Programs

One on one training, Amanda and your pup.

While on an adventure, your dog will have the opportunity to go for a run or a hike through a park, dog-friendly beach, or even a quick swim. During their adventure, your dog will receive training, treats and socialization.. as well as plenty of exercise! While having fun, your dog will also be learning; the trainer will teach sit, down, stay and come in a new environment.

A consult is required before starting any adventure program with the exception of Homebodies Adventure. If you decide to sign up for an adventure package, 10% of your consult cost will be credited towards the adventure you choose.

Great Adventures and Fitness Adventures may not be available during the winter depending on weather- dogs get cold, too! For all adventure programs, proof of up to date vaccines is required; including Rabies, DHPP, Lepto, and Lyme vaccines. It is highly recommended that your dog be on a heartworm preventative and flea/tick control products as they can be exposed to mosquitos, fleas and ticks during adventures. For information on the importance of vaccines, heartworm prevention, and tick borne diseases, please consult your veterinarian.

Great Adventure
Starting at $110

  • 4 hour adventure
  • personal training during adventure
  • pick up and drop off
  • bath
  • notes on your dog's behavior and "fitness"
  • pictures and an 'adventure story'

1 adventure: $110.00
5 adventures: $540.00
10 adventures: $1,000.00

Fitness Adventure
Starting at $55

  • 2 hour adventure
  • personal training during adventure
  • pick up and drop off
  • notes on your dog's behavior and "fitness"
  • pictures and an 'adventure story'

1 adventure: $55.00
5 adventures: $270.00
10 adventures: $540.00

Homebodies Adventure
Starting at $40.00

  • 1 hour adventure
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Notes on your dog's behavior

1 adventure: $40.00
5 adventures: $195.00
10 adventures: $395.00

Salisbury Stars Training

One on one training, Amanda and your pup.

This program is designed to get your dog used to the busy areas in Salisbury, including downtown and nearby parks. We will work on socialization with people and other dogs including proper meet and greets and attentiveness around other dogs- all the while learning to walk well on leash! Once training is done, you will receive notes on training and a follow up consult. Owner and trainer will discuss at consult which package is the best choice for individual dogs.

Basic Package

3 sessions per week, each lasting one hour and the entire program will last 3 weeks.

Troublemakers Package

Sessions per week, each lasting one hour and the entire program will last 6 weeks.

Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA is the lead trainer and owner of Smart Pups, LLC.