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I have compiled my favorite dog-friendly training equipment, toys, treats, and other goodies in one place. Everything is categorized and you will be able to check my blog for reviews of these and more. By clicking on one of these links, you will be directed to Amazon's website to purchase the item. The cool part is that by using these links, Amazon will give me a small portion of the sale and you will get your new leash/harness/food bowl/toy in no time. There is no extra cost to you!

If you prefer to shop local, give me a call and I will direct you to a small business on the shore that carries the item you want!

Veterinarians and Groomers

On the web

  • Smart Pups Blog - Weekly articles on training, behavior, canine development and more!
  • - Explains methods and history of clicker training in animals, also has links to great toys and other resources!
  • Kong - Great interactive toys for your dog!
  • - Doggie hiking packs, interactive toys, leashes, collars, etc.
  • Zukes - Tasty (all the dogs I've met seem to think so at least!) all-natural, healthy treats for dogs!
  • Positively - Great reading from Victoria Stilwell's Expert Blog, featuring world class trainers, behaviorists and Veterinarians
  • AVSAB - Position papers put out by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on Dominance Theory, Puppy Classes, Punishment in Training and Choosing a Trainer
  • The Bitey End of the Dog - My favorite dog podcast. Brilliant interviews with experts on all of the parts of aggression in dogs.
  • The Other End of The Leash - A great resource on all things dog from a favorite author and trainer!
  • Kikopup - Emily Larlham breaks down training into simple steps so anyone can learn!

Articles & studies

Common Pet Toxins

Canine Body Language

  • Lili Chin - I can’t get enough of her posters and handouts on body language!
  • iSpeakDog - This is a really fun, interactive source to learn more about canine body language!
  • Eileen and Dogs - More ways to geek out with videos, articles, and pictures on canine body language!





Like all Lupine products, these are guaranteed even if your dog chews, so you can return them to the company for a brand new one!

Break Away Collars

Great for multi-pet houses or accident prone dogs


Keep in mind that you should always supervise your dog with any new toy! Be sure you inspect your dog's toys regularily to ensure it is not dangrous (loosing stuffing, breaking, etc.)

The above Amazon links are connected to by Amazon Associates account, which means thaat clicking through one and purchasing something earns me a little something. This is a small percentage of each sale and it comes from Amazon, not you so, the price is the same for you no matter what.

If you have a local bookstore or small family-run pet shop with these items in stock, please shop there to support your local economy!

Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA is the lead trainer and owner of Smart Pups, LLC.