Here's what some of our recent clients have to say about Amanda & Smart Pups Canine Training

My husband and I agreed to foster and train a rescued pit bull named Cheesecake. With a name like that, how could we not? Cheesecake came to us at approximately 5 months old "unable to be house trained" and terribly insecure. Before she arrived we had contacted Amanda at Smart Pups to assist us in helping Cheesecake adjust to family living. After a bit of a rocky start, Amanda was able to teach us "old dogs" some new tricks that helped Cheesecake become the good citizen she is today. Without Amanda's knowledge and patience, we would not have known how to phase out Cheesecake's bad habits that had been formed during her neglectful beginnings and replace them with behaviors consistent with her sweet personality. Due to our good experience with Amanda at Smart Pups, I recommend her programs to everyone without hesitation. - Joanne in Delmar

Smart Pups taught my exuberant pup to obey vital commands. Amanda is amazing! She has a gentle yet assertive training style displaying a depth of understanding of a dog's mind and the differences in breeds. She understood my crazy pup, and most importantly helped me understand him better. I highly recommend Smart Pups based on her exceptionable knowledge, experience, and training style. She possesses patience, perseverance, and joy working with humans and canines. I will take more classes when I can!
- Mel in Salisbury

I'm sorry it is taking me such a long to write and say thank you. You are really a wonderful trainer, and I am so happy that we know you. I have a lot of work ahead but you have given me the tools to accomplish what needs to be done. Already I see a difference in the pups even though I haven't done nearly enough. You have a great future ahead, and my big mouth will do everything it can to tell dog lovers all about you. I'm sure that I will be in touch and look forward to talking to you again.
- Sara in Salisbury

We highly recommend Smart Pups with Amanda Abresch as our trainer. If it were not for Smart Pups aide and support, We (Don and Daisy) would have given up, leaving Daisy in a kennel and Don broken hearted. We can now take walks together and are a real team thanks to all the training and support we received from Amanda Abresch at Smart Pups.
- Don and Daisy the big Mastiff, in Seaford

We adopted Henry (a German Shepherd/Bernese Mountain Dog mix) when my daughter was two years old. He was always sweet, but he came knowing nothing, and with his large size I knew he needed to be well-trained. With the dog he is today, it's hard to even remember that he once didn't know how to "sit" and wouldn't potty outside. Amanda worked with us one-on- one and Henry quickly learned how to sit/lay/stay/come on command, as well as how to walk well on a leash, avoid distractions, and ignore food when told. He is fully house-broken, and even does a few tricks just for show. Amanda also worked with my young daughter to show her how to train Henry, and Henry how to listen to her. He now readily takes commands from his "big" sister (who is half his weight). Henry loved his weekly visits from "the treat lady" and became a great canine citizen in just that summer working with Amanda. He passed her final exam at City Park with flying colors and now frequently accompanies us to outdoor restaurants and events. I can't recommend Amanda/Smart Pups enough!
- Alison in Ocean Pines

You're probably going to be hearing from me for a while. I wanted to share with you the amazing walk Bella and I just had. It was the first time I've tried going out without a harness or halter. First of all, with a few turn around in the beginning, she stayed on a loose leash the entire 1.5 miles. Almost immediately we encountered a neighbor and his very aggressive dog. Bella was nervous, but she stayed with me as we calmly walked past (on the other side of the road). Then we came across a chicken bone. She headed straight for it and when I said, "Leave it," she hesitated long enough for me to get her attention away from it with treats! Later, we came across some soft shell crabs laying in the road and she just kept going. We also practiced wait and heel and she did very well for at least a few seconds. I carried her favorite biscuits in my pocket and rewarded her randomly. That was the most pleasant walk I've ever had. Thank you for teaching us the tools to do that.
- Anne in Salisbury

I wasn't sure if I would be able to find a trainer who could help me and my Dingo. I adopted him from a rescue, and we bonded very closely right away. He was incredibly smart, loyal, and eager to please. When we were home alone, he was the perfect dog. Why did I seek out Amanda at Smart pups? Well he was perfect toward me, my sweet Dingo had decided everyone else was a threat. He was fearful and reactive with other people, especially men, and would lash out at other dogs as well. I brought him with me to visit my out of state family, and they all insisted I "cannot keep that dog! He is a liability waiting to happen!"So, who could help me with the dog who could already graduate any obedience class but had major emotional control issues? Amanda. She was phenomenal with us both, not only working with Dingo to help adjust his mindset towards new people and experiences, but she also trained me. She taught me to monitor his stress level, identify his triggers, and taught me several exercises and activities we could do together when she wasn't with us. She started by meeting us in our home and insightfully assessed his need, what motivates him, and we set goals together. During our sessions, we would meet out in busy parks or other dog friendly public places that were bound to be full of the things that used to set him off and we were able to work on real world challenges. This not only helped change his behavior but also built both Dingo's and my confidence, so that we could successfully navigate similar challenges on our own. Between sessions and even after we finish our training Amanda was very helpful and responsive to any questions that arose as Dingo and I continued to progress and face new challenges. I brought Dingo back to my family's house a few months later. I can't remember how many times my mother said, "I just can't believe this is the same dog! It's like a completely different dog!"
- Claire in Temperanceville

Amanda has done so much for our dog, Winston, and our family. We initially reached out to Smart Pups because of a dog aggression issue that needed attention from a professional. Upon the first walk he was already learning something and I didn't realize at the time how much Winston really had to learn! We addressed the dog aggression, leash pulling, taking our treats gently, heeling, loose leash walking, and tons of other things PLUS fun games we have the kids play with the dog! She left each time with an overview of what we did and a detailed e-mail so we can keep on practicing what we worked on together. We are able to use the tools she gave us to address any situation we are presented with and make it have a positive outcome and still use those tools and techniques each day. She also helped mold us by changing how we react to any stressful situation with him and help Winston feel confident in us as dog parents to guide him through those situations. The best part is that we were able to create a happy, confident dog (and confident dog parents) in such a short period of time. We are so grateful for our experiences and will never hesitate to use Amanda's expertise in the future!
- Heather in Ocean City

Amanda Abresch, B.S., ABCDT, APDT, CPDT-KA is the lead trainer and owner of Smart Pups, LLC.